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This is working, but I'm not being able to set an index.html file on my server root where i can specify the first page to go. It also get very buggy in some situations. Basically it's a common site (menu > content) but the idea is to load the content without refreshing the page, defining the div to load the content, and make each page accessible by the url. One of the biggest problems here it's dealing with all url situations that may occur. The ideal would be to have a rel="divToLoadOn" and then pass it on my loadContent() function... so I would like or ideas/solutions for this please.

Thanks in advance!

//if page comes from URL
 if(window.location.hash != ''){
  var url = window.location.hash;
  url = '..'+url.substr(1, url.length);
 //if page comes from an internal link
  var url = $(this).attr("href");
  if(url != '#'){

 function loadContent(url){
  var contentContainer = $("#content");
  //set load animation
  $(contentContainer).ajaxStart(function() {
   url: url,
   dataType: "html",
   success: function(data){
    //store data globally so it can be used on complete
    window.data = data;
   complete: function(){
    var content = $(data).find("#content").html();
    var contentTitle = $(data).find("title").text();
    //change url
    var parsedUrl = url.substr(2,url.length)
    window.location.hash = parsedUrl;
    //change title
    var titleRegex = /<title>(.*)<\/title>/.exec(data);
    contentTitle = titleRegex[1];
    document.title = contentTitle;
    //renew content
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Can you please format your code by highlighting it and pressing the 'code' button in the editor so it's more readable? Also, format it a bit so we can more easily see what you're attempting to do. – Dan Heberden May 23 '10 at 0:17
Is the HTML being returned by AJAX a full html page with <html> and <body> tags? (I ask becuase you're getting the 'title' tag from it) – Dan Heberden May 23 '10 at 1:06

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