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How should I program to use TIPC networking protocol, that comes with linux kernel (CONFIG_TIPC xconfig parameter) ?

Is there any applications, which uses TIPC?

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TIPC is intended for communication in high availability computer clusters. The main addressing sheme is focused on service rather than location. TIPC can also use several "bearers" for redundancy and provides functions for link and processor supervision.

Unless you are working with computer clusters you should probably not use TIPC.

TIPC uses the standard socket interface. You must configure the processors in the cluster before you can use TIPC between processors.

One application using TIPC is "Open SAF" Not suprisingly a high availability cluster sw.

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I do work with clusters. – osgx Sep 12 '11 at 23:46

While evaluating TIPC(i am also new to this), I found some excellent demo examples here. may be someone will find them useful too

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TIPC stands for “Transparent Inter-Process Communication”.

Before using it, you should check your linux kernel version to be sure it enabled on your system (anyway you can add it).

Basically, if you do want to communicate between two or more process/threads in linux, you should use the TIPC (if you need the IP layer, or any other layer, I’m not sure TIPC is the best option).

Using TIPC protocol type, you should use “struct sockaddr_tipc” that contain the following fields:

.family = AF_TIPC;

.addrtype = TIPC_ADDR_NAMESEQ; (or …_MCAST, … _NAME,… _ID)

.scope = TIPC_ZONE_SCOPE;  (or …CLUSTER…, …NODE…)

.addr.nameseq.type = TIPC_APP_TYPE_ANY_NUMBER_IS_GOOD;

.addr.nameseq.lower = 1;

.addr.nameseq.upper = 1024;
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CodeResults 1 - 10 of 587. (0.36 seconds)

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I had no idea what TIPC was, but I Googled an indication that it could be accessed as "sockets of the AF_TIPC address family".

In this case, you should be able to access it through the regular socket mechanism, like any other socket type:

  struct sockaddr_in Foo;
  memset(&Foo, 0, sizeof(Foo));     // Init address struct.
  Foo.sin_family = AF_TIPC;         // Instead of the usual AF_INET

Documentation (that includes examples) is there. And the documentation mentions that TIPC has a "native" API as well.

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