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Do you see a better approach to obtain and concatenate item.Number in a single string?


var numbers = new StringBuilder( );
// group is the result of a previous group by
var basenumbers = group.Select( item => item.Number );
  ( res, element ) => res.AppendFormat( "{0:00}", element )
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A foreach will be slightly simpler and easier to understand.

var numbers = new StringBuilder();

foreach(var number in group.Select(item => item.Number))
    numbers.AppendFormat("{0:00}", number);
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Maybe you don't really need to use StringBuilder explicitly here - the String.Concat method should be (even more) efficient for concatenation. However, I'm not sure whether calling ToString for all elements like this is a performance issue if you use it like this (I wouldn't think so - the main issue with +ing strings is copying):

String.Concat(grp.Select(item => item.Number.ToString("{0:00}"))
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That overload of string.Concat is available only in .NET 4.0 –  Adam Robinson May 23 '10 at 1:57

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