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I have one central SQL Server database which can be offline from time to time. I have a desktop application using Local DB Cache (SQL CE) to synchronize with the central database and I also have a web application with its own SQL Server that I'd also would like to keep synchronized. All synchronizations must be bidirectional.

Is there a way to synchronize my central database with web application's database in the same way as I synchronize my central database with desktop client?

I know about collaboration scenarios and peer-to-peer synchronization but I would like to avoid manual provisioning of databases. I'd like to use integrated sql server 2008 change tracking just like in the SQL CE <--> SQL Server scenario.

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I had the same question once: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1420312/sync-framework-server-to-server-synchronization
In the end i did the syncronization myself(using stored procedures) and it wasn't that hard. Or you can use replication(in my project there was a term to use as little traffic as we can, so i've implemented my own mechanism for my needs)

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