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How can I change architecture in Eclipse from x86 to pdp11, what flags do I need, and do I need adjust cross-compiler, thanks in advance

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You can't since a PDP-11 is a 16bit computer it can't be equiped with the necessary resources to run eclipse ;-)

EDIT: Sorry that I had the impression that this is somekind of fun question (now I have to give a more serious answer). Assuming you want to create C code:

  • You need to download eclipse CDT

  • and MinGW add the bin directory to you PATH

  • create a C project and edit the project properties "C/C++ Build" and set the required options for code generation see

GCC PDP Options for options like

Use Unix assembler syntax. This is the default when configured for


Use DEC assembler syntax. This is the default when configured for any

PDP-11 target other than `pdp11-*-bsd'.

Hope this helps. Maybe you need some additional packages for gcc, since I don't believe it comes with PDP features out of the box.

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I think we wants to cross-compile, so that he can generate PDP-11 assembly source from C code (although Zeus only knows why anyone would want to do this) –  Paul R May 23 '10 at 8:31
exactly, so what do I need to do? –  lego69 May 23 '10 at 8:34

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