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So I'm going around in circles with this - I'm using a fork of the Paperclip Rails gem to get it to work with Rails3. Works fine on my OSX box with Passenger. But on my server (CentOS 5) I get this this error:

git://github.com/lmumar/paperclip.git (at rails3) is not checked out. Please runbundle install(Bundler::PathError)Blockquote

I tried Bundle Pack, but that doesnt pack gems from github. I read a post about setting the parh to the BUNDLE_HOME in my application.rb file which I tried:


But that doesnt work. Any ideas anyone? I dont know what else to do and have no idea how to debug or trace the problem further :(

Passenger version 2.2.11.


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OK, well, I dont really fully understand how to set the paths, but in the end I did:


Despite much frackin' around I couldnt set the BUNDLE_PATH to the location in my home directory where it was installing the gem from Github.

So after I ran the above I just did 'bundle install' again and it's working. :/

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