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I'd like to write a little book on personal topics together with two friends of mine, remotely located. Do you know of any FOSS content publishing system like the one from O'Reilly (OPFS)?

I saw the one that powers the django book but It seems that the code It's not released yet. I accept any kind of backend technology for this project.

I'd like to:

  • edit the book on the web and let my friend do the same after authentication.
  • anyone of us could comment other's entries.
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You could use Google Wave. You get the benefit of watching where others are editing / you can roll back the whole doc or specific parts / comment on specific parts plus you can use it from any computer so you don't have to be home or carry a laptop to edit your book when inspiration hits you.

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OK, I'm going to roll out my own solution following the direction written here. I like a lot thigs like bitesizeedits or leanpub. The base will be a multiuser platform: mu. I'm quite fond with wordpress and as version control I'm happy with GIT. The commenting system will be

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