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I have a menu set up that has about 20 menu items in a circle. When you mouse over each item, a title comes up. The only problem is that because of the depth order, it's hidden behind the other menu items. Is there a way to bring this item to the front when moused over? I'm pretty actionscript illiterate so any help would be awesome.

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If you don't want your object being removed and then added to the display list using addChild you can use setChildIndex

var parent:DisplayObjectContainer = myElement.parent;
parent.setChildIndex(myElement, parent.numChildren-1);
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You can move an item to the top by re-adding it to the display list, using addChild(item), even if it is already added as a child. Something in the lines of this:

function onMouseOver(e:MouseEvent) {

It may feel a bit odd to use this approach, instead of other possible methods to move stuff around in a display list, but since addChild(object) first removes the object from a display list, before adding it, it will work just fine.

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