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Is there any way to know which functions are exported from the dll through python foreign function library ctypes?

And if possible to know details about the exported functions through ctypes.

If yes, could someone provide a snippet of code?

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I don't think ctypes offers this functionality. On Windows with visual studio:


Or for mingw on windows:

objdump -p XXX.dll
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In general, this is not possible, because, again in general, dynamically loaded libraries do not carry the meta-information you require. It may be possible to obtain that information in certain special cases through system-specific ways, but ctypes itself does not fetch that information. You can record such info via ctypes (see e.g. the restype and argtypes attributes of function pointers), but only after you have obtained it by different means.

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If you are on Linux, there is a handy utility nm to list the content of a shared library (there is always a handy utility on Linux, especially for C stuff).

Here is the question about it.

You use it with the -D flag: nm -D ./

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@Mark's answer uses Visual Studio tools.

On windows you can also use Dependency Walker to get the function names of dll exports.

Sometimes names are mangled and can't be used as a valid python function name.

You can use getattr to get a handle to mangled functions, e.g:

mylib = ctypes.cdll('mylib.dll')
my_func = getattr(mylib, '_my_func@0')

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Internally ctypes uses functions provided by dynamic link library (dlopen/dlsym on unix, LoadLibrary/GetProcAddress on windows) to load library and find address of function specified by function name; and then use cffi library to pass parameter dynamically.

Problem is that the dynamic link library that ctypes depends on doesn't include function to list symbol from the shared library, that's why you can't list symbol by ctypes.

To do that, you have to use specific tools to dump elf file (readelf on unix) and pe file for dll (dumpbin on windows).

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This is really interesting... I used Wumpbin to find what is in the library... How can I use it now? I'd need to know if it works using parameters or not... – Pitto Apr 9 '15 at 22:16

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