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I'm working with visual python on a project where I need to simulate a physical movement.

I'd like to present, in a different window than the one the actual, 3D sim is running, two graphs, both related to the movement:

  • How the velocity and angular velocity progress over time.

  • How the movement and rotation progress over time.

All these vars are refreshed once per cycle (inside a while(true))

How can I accomplish this?

Thank you for your time!

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If you're looking to do plots of live data you can use matplotlib. Here's a live plotting example: | Screenshot

It uses wx but matplotlib has bindings for QT or GTK. Alternatively you could use the rpy2 interface to hook into R which has an excellent plotting engine and may be slightly faster for large amounts of data.

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I've accomplished what I wanted with gdisplay. Reference: here

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