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Linking to external file in Ruby on Rails

I have a file I want to share as a link in my rails app. I create a link to it in the .erb file like this

<li><a href="somefile.pdf">Some File</a> </li>

When I select the link I get the following error.

Routing Error

No route matches "/pages/somefile.pdf" with {:method=>:get}

Do I really need a route for this? I really just want the save as dialog to popup. Just a link to a file that the user can open or download.

What is the rails way to do this (rails newbie here)?

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You should place the file in the app's public/ directory and use a forward slash at the start of the path in your link's href.

The problem you are having is because href="somefile.pdf" is relative to the current URL which is probably something like http://localhost:3000/pages/42. By using href="/somefile.pdf" instead the resolved URL will be http://localhost:3000/somefile.pdf (rather than http://localhost:3000/pages/somefile.pdf) and it won't conflict with your pages routes.

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You could also just do <%= Link_to "name of link", "http://pathoffilehere.pdf" %>

Don't forget the quotes.... :)

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According the question, the file is inside the OP's app. If you change the domain (from working in dev mode in localhost to prod mode in this is going to break. – Puce Apr 16 '15 at 14:12

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