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I'm developing commercial CMS running on Google App Engine. I'm thinking of selling it in two ways:

1) Software as a service (SaS). The CMS running in my App Engine account (as single app), hosting the sites of all customers. A turn-key solution for "end user" customers.

2) Licence for running the CMS in customer's own App Engine account. Targeted for digital agencies for reselling as SaS.

Being not a lawyer myself, I don't trust my abilities to read between the lines of TOS jargon. Counting on the general knowledge of SO community, my question is: do the above scenarios violate the App Engine Terms of Service?

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Both scenarios are perfectly legitimate and in compliance with the ToS. The only thing that might be borderline or disallowed is if you had an automated process that deployed code into customer apps for your scenario #2.

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Thank you very much. No automatic deploying will be used. –  jholster May 24 '10 at 14:00

Answering myself:

According to the following messages in App Engine discussion group, commercial use of App Engine is encouraged, making me pretty confident that there will be no violation of terms.

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