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alt text

Is there an existing API for this kind of separated controls for the UINavigationbar seen in Mail.app? More specifically this up and down arrows shown in the picture.

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Note that you can create UIBarButtonItem with any custom view you want. So you can create it with UISegmentedControl as well - it is what's likely used in your example. Workflow should be something like:

  1. Create momentary (momentary property set to yes) UISegmentedControl with 2 segments
  2. Assign an image to each of them (using setImage:forSegmentAtIndex: method). Then
  3. Create UIBarButtonItem initialized with this UISegmentedControl as a custom view (using initWithCustomView: method).
  4. Add your UIBarButtonItem as a left or right BarButtonItem to the UINavigationItem
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Looks great, I'm trying this - thank you – scud May 23 '10 at 15:27

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