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i need some help with c# and nhibernate. I'm working on a project that requires the entity classes to be generated from hbm files at runtime. I get the mapping files from a service, and then need to generate the classes dynamicaly and configure nhibernate to use them.

The problem is that i'm new to nhibernate and not much of a pro in c#, so me writing the piece of code that achieves this is very error-prone.

I was wondering if you know of any open source software that i could use. Worst case scenario (if can't find anything that even remotely resembles what i need), do you guys have some advice on where should i start? Maybe some links ?

Thanks, Denis.

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How will these classes be used once you generate them? –  R0MANARMY May 23 '10 at 16:24
i hope to use them to retrieve data from the database using a generic repository and reflection. –  Denis Rosca May 23 '10 at 17:30

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This is a fairly non-trivial task. There's the hbm2net project you could take a look at, but it's still in alpha and I don't know if it would easily let you do it at runtime.

You should also take a look at the NHibernate Workbench project, it seems to be doing something similar to what you're doing.

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Thank you, i will take a look at that. –  Denis Rosca May 23 '10 at 17:32

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