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I am looking to see if there is a good library or framework that I can use to simplify adding user/group/permission management to a .Net application (4.0 VS2010). If the framework can work on it's own or integrate with Active Directory that would be a huge bonus.

So far I have found Visual Guard, if you have any experience using Visual Guard to provide user/group/permission functionality I definitely want to hear your feedback on how you liked working with it, pitfalls and benefits

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My suggestion would be to use Declarative security... here is a link to the MSDN Security Action Attribute which I have used quite often, particularly in web apps to insure proper credentials

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I didn't realize there was a built-in declarative system for security. I am still evaluating other options but this is great, thanks! –  vfilby May 25 '10 at 13:40

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