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Sorry for the novice syntax question.

How do how create an array of channels in go?

  var c0 chan int = make(chan int);
  var c1 chan int = make(chan int);
  var c2 chan int = make(chan int);
  var c3 chan int = make(chan int);
  var c4 chan int = make(chan int);

That is, replacing the above five lines in one array of channels of size 5?

Many thanks.

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The statement var chans [5]chan int would allocate an array of size 5, but all the channels would be nil.

One way would be to use a slice literal:

var chans = []chan int {
   make(chan int),
   make(chan int),
   make(chan int),
   make(chan int),
   make(chan int),

If you don't want to repeat yourself, you would have to iterate over it and initialize each element:

var chans [5]chan int
for i := range chans {
   chans[i] = make(chan int)
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Why is your solution better than Chickencha's succinct and idiomatic chans := make([]chan int, 5)? – peterSO Jun 2 '10 at 14:32
If the channels are not explicitly allocated with make(chan int), they will default to nil. – Markus Jarderot Jun 2 '10 at 14:59

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