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Where can I find tutorials about creating a social network (like db structure, sql query samples eg.) using PHP & MySQL ? I do not need a ready script, I just want to learn how to do it..

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Pretty hard to do one from scratch.

My opinion is that you should really break it into smaller pieces. Like, how to make a good log-in. How to keep the users into a database. What info do you need about them, what kind of social network should it be? Things like that. After you will put many many pieces together you will see the image from the puzzle and then you will wonder, what frameworks should I use to make my life easier? How will the network look like?

If you are just starting with php I don't recommend you starting with this. Learn to lurk before you leap.

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I am not considering myself as a good PHP programmer, but I know the basic steps like creating a log-in form, uploading files eg.. I just want to know some specific things about social networking like creating friendship structures and how to query them. Let me show you something as an example of what i am looking for:

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You should add this as a comment not as answer. Anyway, your question should have been more specific. How to create a database..? Well it really depends. You should have a plan in mind and then build the database based on that plan. No one can give you a generic answer. –  vladv May 23 '10 at 20:40
Well, thanks for your warning.. I know i asked a general question, because i do not have a proper plan in my mind. I am willing to learn the basic fundamantels of social netowrking.. I guess that I found something:… –  Sercan May 23 '10 at 21:20

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