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I am getting stock prices from yahoo, and want to have each stock have its own time series data structure, but also don't want to have hundreds of variables, so naturally I would want to have an array, but when I do something like array = [stock1 stock2]; it actually merges the series together. How can I make a real array? Thanks, CP

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[x x] notation in matlab is not an array, it is a vector. It is assumed that what you're putting together belongs together. What you probably want is a cell array which is indexed with a curly brace, ie myArray{1} = stock1; myArray{2} = stock2;. Reference here.

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This is the correct answer, fints objects have overridden the [] operator so that [stock1; stock2] doesn't work because it tries to merge them. Thanks for informing me also about vector vs. cell array –  CptanPanic May 24 '10 at 11:50

Ah, since you have row vectors, [stock1 stock2] is a concatenation. If you want to create a 2-by-x array instead, do something like this [stock1; stock2], which will place one array above the other.

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Joining vectors using [x y] has different results depending on whether your vectors are rows or columns. If rows, then joining them with [x y] makes a longer row vector, but if columns, you'll get a Nx2 matrix. You should probably convert them to column vectors using the TRANSPOSE operator thus: [x' y']. Although you should check if transpose means the same thing with Time Series objects as at does with regular vectors.

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