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I have a problem I know how I would solve easily developing under eclipse - but not so easily developing under net beans.

I want to create a custom swing widget - which I can instantiate by code as many as I need and attach them to my main panel.

I have developed the rest of the GUI using the GUIBuilder.

The problem is - im not entirely sure how to do this.

Say I got 20 results back from a web service,

I would wana loop round - and add 20 of these custom swing widgets - the custom swing widgets would look as follows :


Can anybody please help me, im not entirely sure how to do the custom widget either!

Thanks in advance for any support.


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Yes, the question is probably too old to answer it but just for the Google effect:

  1. Create a custom swig class (e.g. derive it from JPanel)
  2. Drag the source class file listed in the tree diagram on the left and drop it on its supposed parent widget
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+1 for answering because of the Google effect. That's what brought me here! – Luke Mar 6 '12 at 20:24

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