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I have a WinForm app that displays results in a Gridview control. If a user right mouse clicks on a row, he can then, from a popup menu, select a command to perform on the row much like windows File Explorer.

But now I want to be able to give the user the ability to construct a filter so that he can control which rows are displayed in the grid w/o effecting the functionality of the application. I would also like the user to be able to select the columns/fields that he sees in the grid.

For the basis of this question, let's assume that the data displayed in grid comes from a single table.

business Objects' Web Intelligence and Desktop Intelligence applications give me very flexible and powerful reporting capabilities, but I want to integrate this capability into my WinForm application.

Does Business Objects, or maybe Crystal Reports provide this sort of functionality? I can construct my own query builder but I'd rather not reinvent sliced bread.

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I like developerexpres xtragrid.
Its has filtering, column customizing etc.

If you want pivottables/olap like tables they have XtraPivotgrid

Usually the filtering is clientside but they have the possibilitie to generate serverside queries..

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