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So, I have several JPanels that contain buttons, labels, etc. that I want to switch between from a main JFrame. Currently I am trying to use the this.add(JPanelname); method and this.remove(JPanelname); with the validate(); and repaint(); methods

The problem is it will add the panel to the JFrame but it will not remove it. I am not sure how exactly to go about this and any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Maybe you should be using a Card Layout.

Or maybe you should be using modal JDialogs. So whenever you click on the "widjet" a new window is displayed. Then when you close the dialog you are back on your main frame.

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If you are constantly switching between JPanels, then a JTabbedPane may be the right thing to use. It should not be necessary to call "validate" or "repaint" when you add or remove a JPanel. Do you have a layout manager installed? Do you make sure to call add/remove only within the UI event thread? Also, typically one does not call "validate()" but rather "invalidate()" to invalidate the container for updates.

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Thank you for the fast response! A JTabbedPane is not exactly the look I was going for, I should have described it a little more thoroughly. I have a main pane that works as a sort of desktop i guess you could call it where the buttons are like widgets that when clicked will load separate parts of the program(IE a setup screen) and then when the user is finished they can hit a back button and then the panel will close (possibly be removed from the frame and then the frame repainted?) and the main screen will be shown again. I may be going about this the wrong way hope this makes it more clear –  jt153 May 24 '10 at 3:46

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