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I have a model 'listing' with a field 'created' which is in a datetime format. I need to list in a view all listings that were created over 2 weeks ago. An extra thing if possible is to somehow mark them as expired.

This is in cakePhp 1.27

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Awesome thanks for that, all working well now. – joy May 24 '10 at 22:46
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Hi I think you can use a simple script to do that in cake.

      function meScript(){
            // first load your model if necessary
            $listingModel = ClassRegistry::init('Listing');

            // Then set your date margin to , two weeks back
            $date_margin =  date("Y-m-d H:i:s", strtotime('-2 week')) ;

            // now retrieve all records that were created over 2 weeks ago  
            $listings = $listingModel ->find('all', array(
                                                        'conditions' => array('created <' => $date_margin),



That's pretty much it. Since the margin date is in "Y-m-d H:i:s" format, the " 'created <' => $date_margin" condition will retrieve all records that were created before that date.

As for the next step of marking them as expired: Simply loop through the results and use their ids to set your 'expired' field (or whatever it is called in your database table) to 'true'.

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Is this script to be put in the listings_controller like all other actions which I call from the view pages?? or in a separate JavaScript file? My model 'listing' already has data in it and a controller with CRUD actions I was just trying to show in a view page all listings that were over 2 weeks old. I have just started learning cakephp. – joy May 24 '10 at 6:33
This is written using php. So it definitely shouldn't go in a JavaScript file. yes, this one goes in your controller. you can use debug($listings); at the end of the above function to see if the results have been retrieved properly. I can see that you are new to cake. Better read up about model, retrieving & saving data at It will help you with the rest. – Vicer May 24 '10 at 7:35
You could also put this code in the model layer (eg. Listing::findExpired()). This would allow you to call $this->Listing->findExpired(); at controller level. (You would need to put return $listings; at the bottom though.) – deizel May 25 '10 at 13:20
i also have problem to retrive data depends on date. In my table i store current timestamp when user is add with time() function. Now i want the count of user added on each day. so how can i write query – deck john Oct 22 '12 at 6:52

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