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I have written a jquery-ui widget using the Widget Factory...

I need to be able to determine in code whether the element is already a widget or not...

My investmentGrid widget is created on #container with


I need to be able to determine elsewhere in the code if $('#container') is already an investmentGrid

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You can query the element's function, like so:

if ($('#container').data('investmentGrid')) {
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You could try the pseudo selector that is created for you when using the widget factory. $(":namespace-widgetname")

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@dan-story may have had the answer at the time he answered it, but I have found that that method doesn't work anymore. Well, not entirely. At least not with jQueryUI 1.10. According to the documentation at in the "Instance" section, you now need to have the widget's full name.

For example, if you create your widget factory with this:

$.widget("Boycs.investmentGrid", ...);

Then, to check if container has it, you would check with this:

if ($('#container').data('Boycs-investmentGrid'))

It is no longer enough to just use the name.

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@Boycs: As per my understanding, using Widget Factory protects you from instantiating a plugin multiple times on the same element. (ref:

In addition if you want to confirm if "container" is already an investment grid you can try the following option from inside your plugin code:"investmentGrid") === this;

For more details you can refer to

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Thanks... I may not have been clear in my initial question... I need to be able to determine from outside of my plugin code whether or not $('#container') is already an investmentGrid or not... – Boycs Jun 3 '10 at 0:29
Can you share with me why you would need to establish whether "container" is already an investmentGrid or not? It will help me answer more accurately. Thanks – Assign Labs Jun 3 '10 at 4:59

Current versions of jQuery UI (I can confirm it with 1.11.x) allow you to query for an instance of a widget via the instance() method. This will then look like this:


If the element does not have an investmentGrid widget assigned, you will get undefined back.

You may also use call this instead:


This has the advantage, that it also works even when the widget is not loaded.

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