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I need a javascript regex pattern to match a person's height to check if the input is valid. Here are some sample input:

5' 9"



Any ideas?

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If you want to make sure that no one mucks around with it, you could limit it to sensible ranges, eg: 3' to 7'11''


I always thought that the "inches" mark was a double quote ("), compared to VonC's answer where he put it as two single quotes (''), so this regex takes both into consideration.

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It is... " (Quote) for inches. Up-voted for sensible range functionality in your regex. – Richard Walton Nov 14 '08 at 9:02

Maybe something like:


see: here

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Nice copy/paste, but inappropriate here because we don't need 5 digits to represent the number of feet a person is tall. – Jan Goyvaerts Nov 15 '08 at 8:11

Something like:


The second part refers to optional part of the heigth.

Remove the + if you want only one digit.


can also be used to detect that pattern within a text (avoid detecting 1234'45 as an heigth for... a person?!)

You can test that regexp here for javascript.

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Tested here:

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Ok. Thanks for all your input. Wow, that was fast, Big time.

Anyway, I've tested all your regex and it seems Ruben's answer passed all my test input. Thanks a lot for that mate.

So here's the one that I need:


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Don't forget to mark his answer as the "answer" then :) – Timothy Khouri Nov 14 '08 at 12:20

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