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I have a page that hosts CAB file like the one below

<object id="SOmeID" class="Class1" codebase="..\CAB\,0,0,2" classid="clsid:SomeIDComeshere" VIEWASTEXT >

When this page is browsed the first time, there is a message to download the CAB file and is upto the user's choice to download or not Some users prefer not to download.

Due to this certain pages are not rendered correctly or do not function as they are expected to.

My question: When client call up to report an issue, how do I check if they have downloaded the cab file or not? Is there any windows folders i need to check for?

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Use ActiveXObject object:

try { 
   var control = new ActiveXObject(ProgId);
   // installed
catch(e) {
   // not installed
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