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In symfony project, I would like to use an underscore as a separator for the parameter in routing.yml.

Url example: /article/lorem-1111_45.html

In routing.yml

 url:      /article/:info-:datePublished_:id.html
 param:    { module: cms, action: test }
   segment_separators: ['-', '/', '.', '_']
   info: ^([A-Za-z0-9\-]+)$
   datePublished: \d+
   id: \d+

This code doesnt work. I have the following error: Unable to parse "/article/:info-:datePublished_:id.html" route near ":id.html".

Anybody knows how to implement this rule ?

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+1: I was never able to get this satisfactorily myself, would be interested in a solution. Do note however that dashes (-) are considered more SEO-friendly, although you shouldn't have much problems with underscores. – Tom May 24 '10 at 11:55

I think is a bug in sfRoute.class.php. The line 683: 'variable_regex' => '[\w\d_]+'

in PHP \w "Matches any alpha numeric character including underscore (_)" and the last underscore matches the same. I've tried to change this line for: 'variable_regex' => '[\A-Za-z\d]+'

And now I can use underscore as a separator.

I haven't tested this very much. I don't know if this crashes any other features (surely), but maybe this is the line where the Symfony programmers can start this bug.

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I believe this is a bug in symfony.

I have made a test which failed and submitted a bug report with the test to the symfony project

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