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Trying this free forum for developers. I am migrating a serial driver to kernel I have used various books and articles to solve problems going from 2.4

Now I have a couple of kill_proc that is not supported anymore in kernel

What would be the fastest way to migrate this into the kernel way of killing a thread. In the books they say use kill() but it does not seem to be so in Using send_signal would be a good way, but how do I do this? There must be a task_struct or something, I wich I could just provide my PID and SIGTERM and go ahaed and kill my thread, but it seems more complicated, having to set a struct with parameters I do not know of.

If anyone have a real example, or a link to a place with up to date info on kernel 2.6.31 I would be very thankful. Siply put, I need to kill my thread, and this is not suppose to be hard. ;)

This is my code now:

kill_proc(ex_pid, SIGTERM, 1);


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For use with kthreads, there is now kthread_stop that the caller (e.g. the module's exit function) can invoke. The kthread itself has to check using kthread_should_stop. Examples of that are readily available in the kernel source tree.

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