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On clicking a URL displayed in my application running on a Symbian S60 3rd Edition device should make the phone browser ( which is already open ) open the specified URL.

Here is the code:

_LIT( KUrlPrefix,"4 " )

void CMunduIMAppUi::OpenInBrowser(const TDesC& aUrl)
    HBufC *url = NULL;
    const TInt KWmlBrowserUid =0x10008D39; 
    TUid id( TUid::Uid( KWmlBrowserUid ) );
    TApaTaskList taskList( CEikonEnv::Static()->WsSession() );
    TApaTask task = taskList.FindApp( id );

    // Checks if the browser is already open
    if ( task.Exists() )
        HBufC8* parameter = HBufC8::NewL( aUrl.Length()+ KUrlPrefix().Length());

        task.SendMessage(TUid::Uid(0), *parameter); // UID not used

        delete parameter;
        parameter = NULL;

When I use this code to open a URL the browser comes to the foreground but does not get directed to the URL.

I suspect something is wrong in SendMessage call that is called after the browser is brought to foreground:

task.SendMessage(TUid::Uid(0), *parameter); // UID not used
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Maybe it would cooler to open the link inside your app instead:

    _LIT( KTestUrlPrefix,"4 " );
iOverriddenSettings = new (ELeave) TBrowserOverriddenSettings;
iOverriddenSettings->SetBrowserSetting( EBrowserOverSettingsSmallScreen, EBrowserOverFullScreenValueSoftKeysOnly);//(TUint) 1 );
iOverriddenSettings->SetBrowserSetting( EBrowserOverSettingsAutoLoadImages, (TUint) 1 );
iOverriddenSettings->SetBrowserSetting( EBrowserOverSettingsFontSize, (TUint) 0 );
iOverriddenSettings->SetBrowserSetting( EBrowserOverSettingsFullScreen, EBrowserOverFullScreenValueNormal);//(TUint) 0 );
iOverriddenSettings->SetBrowserSetting( EBrowserOverSettingsCustomAp, (TUint) iIAP ); //access point ID 

HBufC* parameter = HBufC::NewLC( KTestUrlPrefix().Length() + aLink.Length() );
parameter->Des().Copy( KTestUrlPrefix );
parameter->Des().Append( aLink );
    delete iLauncher;
    iLauncher = NULL;
iLauncher = CBrowserLauncher::NewL();
iLauncher->LaunchBrowserEmbeddedL( *parameter, NULL, NULL, iOverriddenSettings );
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this worked. But I am concerned if the code could cause problems if I get my application Symbian Signed. See OpenWebBrowserL function here [… ] line number 2251 – ardsrk May 25 '10 at 9:00
I don't see any reason why it shouldn't be Symbian signed. Who knows why it was commented out in your sample. – Riho May 25 '10 at 10:36

I've successfully used this code, that I believe I got from Forum Nokia:

    RApaLsSession apaLsSession;
    //Note that the UID of the OSS browser in S60 3rd Edition is 0x1020724D
    //and from S60 3rd Edition, FP1 onwards 0x10008D39.
    const TUid KOSSBrowserUidValue = {0x10008D39};
    //Parameter type 4: Start/Continue the browser specifying a URL =>
    //Parameter = "4"+" "+""
    _LIT(KParam4, "4 ");

    HBufC* param = HBufC::NewLC(KParam4().Length()+aUrl.Length());

    //Find the browser application
    TUid id(KOSSBrowserUidValue);
    TApaTaskList taskList(iEikonEnv->WsSession());
    TApaTask task = taskList.FindApp(id);
        //Continue the application
        HBufC8* param8 = HBufC8::NewLC(param->Length());
        task.SendMessage(TUid::Uid(0), *param8); // UID not used
        //Start the application
        TThreadId thread;
        User::LeaveIfError(apaLsSession.StartDocument(*param, KOSSBrowserUidValue, thread));
        CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy(&apaLsSession);//   .Close();

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I tried the code you posted but could not get the browser to open the URL. Just curious, what phone did you test this on? I am using a Nokia N95. – ardsrk May 24 '10 at 10:46
Did you check your capabilities? I am quite sure we used this on all 3rd edition phones. – Sebastian Brannstrom May 28 '10 at 8:26

You can easily do it with Qt, if you don't mind a dependency on Qt.


Hope this helps.

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Thanks. But I don't want to compel users to install Qt for just this one feature. – ardsrk May 25 '10 at 9:44
@ardsrk - Understandable. Still, I wanted to point it out as a viable option. :) – Venemo May 25 '10 at 11:19

Have you tried the Browser Launcher API which is documented here and can be downloaded here?

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You need the SwEvent capability for TApaTask::SendMessage (but this is not mentioned in the documentation).

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