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I have a medium sized application that runs as a .net web-service which I do not control, and I want to create a loose pythonic API above it to enable easy scripting.

I wanted to know what is the best/most practical solution for using web-services in python.

Edit: I need to consume a complex soap WS and I have no control over it.

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Are you trying to consume a SOAP WS? or write a web service/web app in Python? <diveintopython.org/soap_web_services/>; –  Jared Updike Aug 26 '08 at 23:58

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Jython and IronPython give access to great Java & .NET SOAP libraries.

If you need CPython, ZSI has been flaky for me, but it could be possible to use a tool like Robin to wrap a good C++ SOAP library such as gSOAP or Apache Axis C++

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If I have to expose APIs, I prefer doing it as JSON. Python has excellent support for JSON objects (JSON Objects are infact python dictionaries)

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good tip about preferring JSON (although he doesn't control the web service), but JSON objects are not necessarily Python dictionaries - Python is missing "true", "false", and "null" (vs. "True", "False", and "None'). You still need a parser+stringifier. –  orip Dec 21 '08 at 5:02

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