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i have these methods in module1/actions/actions.class.php:

public function executeMethod1(sfWebRequest $request){

  $a = 10;

  sfContext::getInstance()->set('a', $a);
  return $this->redirect('module1/method2');


public function executeMethod2(sfWebRequest $request){

  echo sfContext::getInstance()->get('a');


When i execute module1/method1 i get this error:

"The "a" object does not exist in the current context."

Any idea?


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The redirect is telling the browser to load another page which terminates the current action and results in a new request that has a new context.

There are three options here:

  • You could use a forward if you want module1/method2 to be executed as the result of the first request.
  • You could use a flash attribute to pass $a to the next request.
  • You could use a session attribute if $a has to live beyond the next request.

EDIT: You don't need the return statement before the redirect either.

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