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Hi i am trying to connect my iphone aap directly to the MySQL database. I did a lot of reading, and i found that by using MCPkit we can access the database. Now i also found that the mcpkit is not supported in iphone, while it runs in simulater. Can somebody tell me whats the deal with this. I know the other alternative is web services, but i have to directly connect to the DB. so please can somebody help me with this problem.

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If there is no way out of using MySQL directly, then you might consider to have a look at Sequel Pro which picked up where CocoaMySQL left. It appears to be actively maintained whereas MCPKit haven't released any updates in a couple of years.

I can't say whether Sequel Pro will allow you to build for the iPhone, but my guess is that it will have a higher chance of success than MCPKit.

You can grab a copy of Sequel Pro including source code (GPL) from Google Code.

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thnx. i will try doing that. –  Jayshree May 24 '10 at 12:00

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