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I am trying to get values from adjacent columns, when a radio button is clicked for that row. I'm able to do so, but the problem I'm facing, when there are more elements in the radio button column, then i am getting null values(i.e 2nd row is not working). Please help...Code is all follows

<table id="dist_list" class="data">
<input type="radio" value="636406" name="distRG" id="radio_7" /></td>
  <td class="selected">Company 1</td>
  <td class="siteId">1234</td>
  <td class="siteName">First Company Name</td>

<!-- Not able to get values from this row, since there are more elements in it -->
<span class="jqTransformRadioWrapper"><a rel="distRG" class="jqTransformRadio" href="#"></a>
<input type="radio" value="636406" name="distRG" id="radio_2" />
  <td class="selected">Company 2</td>
  <td class="siteId">2345</td>
  <td class="siteName">Second Company Name</td>

<td><input type="radio" value="636406" name="distRG" id="radio_3" /></td>
  <td class="selected">Company 3</td>
  <td class="siteId">3456</td>
  <td class="siteName">Third Company Name</td>

<td><input type="radio" value="213584" name="distRG" id="radio_4" /></td>
  <td class="selected">Company 4</td>
  <td class="siteId">4567</td>
  <td class="siteName">Fourth Company Name</td>

jQuery script

$("input[name=distRG]").click(function() {
    var owner = $(this).parent().siblings('td.selected').text();
    var siteId = $(this).parent().siblings('td.siteId').text();
    var siteName = $(this).parent().siblings('td.siteName').text();
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The problem in the second row is, that input is not a child of td but of span, so parent() will give you span and not td.
Use .closest() instead, which gives you the "closest" ancestor, that matches the selector:

var owner = $(this).closest('td').siblings('td.selected').text();
var siteId = $(this).closest('td').siblings('td.siteId').text();
var siteName = $(this).closest('td').siblings('td.siteName').text();
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thanks a lot.. works like a charm.. – Sullan May 25 '10 at 5:09

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