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I try to validate a simple Form but the Jquery Validation

Plugin not working when I use only Button not The Submit

Button. I can not use the Submit button there Because If I use submit

Button After Submitting the form It take the Action and goes

to Default page while my current form is comes from Ajax. I am

very new to Jquery. Please Help its Urgent... I am giving the files here. index.html

<script src="jquery.js">
<form id="contact_form">
<tr><th>Name</th><td><input name="name" /></td></tr>
<tr><th>E Mail</th><td><input name="email" /></td></tr>
<tr><th><input type="button" name ="submit" id="form_sub" 

onclick="save"></th><td><input name="email" /></td></tr>

Now the validation.js file

function save(){


Everything works fine when we use input type="submit"... But it not working when we use input type="button"

Any Idea how can Fix this? I am new to Jquery ... Please Help

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You should call the onlick handler using onclick="save()", I think. –  Reto Aebersold May 24 '10 at 11:09

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With jQuery, you don't need the onclick. Remove the function save(), {, }, and the onclick parameter.

.click(...) in jquery is the same as onclick, so you are essentially registering another onclick when save() is called.

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I am working this too what I ended up doing was I used submit then on the form I did.

Html.BeginForm("", "", FormMethod.Post , new { id = "myFormid", onSubmit="return false;"})

this stops the submit however it doesn't provide the automatic short circuit if the model is invalid.

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