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How do I get a list of revisions from sharpsvn

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If you look at the metadata for SvnLogEventArgs (which is returned as a collection from GetLog) it derives from SvnLoggingEventArgs, which has properties of Author, Revision, Time and LogMessage (amongst others)

Each SvnLogEventArgs item has a collection of ChangedPaths, which have properties for SvnChangeAction, and Path.

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You can get a list of all the log info by this method:

var client = new SvnClient();

System.Collections.ObjectModel.Collection<SvnLogEventArgs> logEventArgs;

client.GetLog("targetPath", out logEventArgs);

Iterating through all the logEventArgs will give you some useful information - LogMessage, Author, etc.

I don't know what you're doing, but I am checking the latest version of the working copy using SvnWorkingCopyClient:

var workingCopyClient = new SvnWorkingCopyClient();

SvnWorkingCopyVersion version;

workingCopyClient.GetVersion(workingFolder, out version);

The latest version of the local working repository is then available through

long localRev = version.End;

For a remote repository, use

 var client = new SvnClient();

 SvnInfoEventArgs info;

 client.GetInfo(targetUri, out info);

 long remoteRev = info.Revision;


This is similar to using the svnversion tool from the command line. Hope this helps.

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Thank you!It helped me much and answered exactly what I was looking for. – clklachu Mar 17 '11 at 7:30

Guessing at what your question really is about the answer is most likely SvnClient.Log(), to get you a list of changes of a path.

Another anwer would be:

for (int i = 1; i < 101; i++)
  yield return i;

to get you the first 100 revisisions of a repository ;-)

See for some examples on how to use SvnClient.Log()

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lol, fair enough. I gues what I'm after is the meta for a revision, the commit comment, which files were changed etc – Chris Meek May 26 '10 at 8:59

This is the code form which you can get all the revisions no in list revisions numbers. UriSCpath will be uri for svn path.

 SvnTarget tr = SvnTarget.FromUri(UriSCPath);
                Collection<SvnLogEventArgs> logEventArgs;
                List<Int64> revisionNumbers = new List<Int64>();
                SvnLogArgs logArgs = new SvnLogArgs();
                DPISVN_Clnt.GetLog(UriSCPath, logArgs, out logEventArgs);

                Int64 latestReision = logEventArgs[0].Revision;

                foreach (var item in logEventArgs)

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