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Morning/Afternoon guys.

Writing some JQuery AJAX shizz and getting a bit stuck. I've got the actual proccess of calling the php file done perfectly, its just trying to get the html on the page to change in a way I want it to. I want to get rid of the a with the id of the one used in the ajax call etc, and replace it with the html passed from the PHP file. Code is as follows...

$(".save_places").click(function() {
    url: "{/literal}{$sRootPath}{literal}system/ajax/fan_bus.php",
    type: "POST",
    data: ({id : this.getAttribute('id')}),
    dataType: "html",
    success: function(msg){
  return false;

And the HTML is pretty simple;

<p class="links">
  <a href="#" class="save_places" id="bus_{$businesses.results[bus].id}_{$}"><img src="{$sThemePath}images/save_places.png" alt="Save to My Places" /></a>
  <a href="#"><img src="{$sThemePath}images/send_friend.png" alt="Send to a Friend" /></a>

All the stuff in the success function is experimental mashing of code, any help please?

Thanks as always.

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I think what you're after is .replaceWith(), like this:


This replaces the <a></a> with the content coming back in msg.

Also, if you're sure the elements have IDs, you can just do this:

data: {id :},
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Nick, the refined data: stuff works a treat, much neater, thanks! Although the replaceWith doesn't seem to be working, there's no change to the <a> tag, and also no javascript errors :/ When using $(this), it wouldn't matter that theres loads of other class="save_places" would it? – thebluefox May 24 '10 at 11:57
@thebluefox - I haven't fully woken up yet :) give this a try for your success success: $.proxy(function(msg){ $(this).replaceWith(msg); }, this) – Nick Craver May 24 '10 at 12:02
Boom there we go! Absolutely spot on mate, much appreciated. And come on! I've been up 6 hours already! – thebluefox May 24 '10 at 12:26
linksPara.replaceChild(newElements, oldAtag);
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