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I'm using Tangible's editor and (no offense guys) it sucks. Its one painful step above notepad. But its (afaik) the only game in town.

Does anybody have any tips/tricks on creating T4 templates in a non-painful way?

For instance, I'm thinking about creating a T4 Template that essentially turns a class defined in a solution into a template generator. DTE, look for code that is marked with this or that attribute, run this or that method, and drop the results into a file. At least I'd get legit intellisense out of the deal...

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Hah! Nice play on the classics with that title. – paxdiablo May 24 '10 at 11:57
Yeah, it's really annoying to get #ProVersionOnly in the intellisense where a member name should be. Such intentionally broken software basically forces me to bar myself from ever contributing a single penny to their company or anyone associated with it. As one person said: "It appears Tangible Engineering (@tangibleeng) has adopted a crack-dealer business model like other plug-in vendors. The FREE version doesn’t support all of the C# language. It does provide enough though for developers to decide if they need to to pay 99.98 USD for the PRO edition." – Triynko Oct 21 '13 at 7:01

Devart just released a free T4 Editor for 2k8 and 2010 on the Visual Studio gallery. Looks nice! First noticeable improvement is that the editor is fast compared to others. Look and feel is like a normal code editor. There is intellisense in the t4 blocks and in the t4 statement blocks (the intellisense feels a little kludgy, but its not too bad). And the editor works with the standard find/replace tool window. Altogether nice job. Devart!

(I am not associated with Devart in any way, and this is the first product of theirs I've used.)

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You could try Clarius’ “Visual T4 Editor Community edition”

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Clarius' editor sucks. Sorry to be harsh, but it's not good at all. Nagware, intellisense failures, the search/replace dialog is awful, I could go on.... Also, the T4 Toolbox is not an editor, it is designed to support T4 development. – Will Jul 23 '10 at 17:05

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