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In PostgreSQL 8.4.3, I get this error when logging on to one of my databases (adus):

WARNING:  invalid value for parameter "default_text_search_config": "tsc_markets"

which makes sense since executing the command \dF does not list any such configuration (and only lists the defaults). However, when I ask psql to show me the current value:

adus=# show default_text_search_config;

I get

(1 row)

In addition, the postgresql.config file has the entry:

# default configuration for text search
default_text_search_config = 'pg_catalog.english'

plus, there is only one (user) defined schema that I use (also called adus) in this database.

What's going on?

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PostgreSQL allows you to associate configuration settings with databases and roles (users), so check there too: look at the pg_database and pg_roles rows for the database you are connecting to and the user you are connecting as, and see if default_text_search_config is being set there. You can remove the configuration setting with the syntax:

alter database db reset default_text_search_config
alter role username reset default_text_search_config

You're seeing the default value from "show", since it fell back to that after failing to set one of the overridden values.

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