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I have an Eclipse project, that uses JMF, I found out I could skip the JMF installation process and still to use the CaptureDeviceManager of the JMF, and to receive the list of devices if I could point my project to the native lib of the JMF.

I've managed to add the native lib to the IDE run/debug, but once I export the application to an external runnable Jar, the application cannot find the native lib.

the files are located in c:\JMF*.dll

I tried to add the folder path to the environment variable in windows - didn't work.

I tried to add them into another Jar and add it to the project - didn't work.

I tried to add the files into the project - didn't work.

I tried to add the path to the class path - didn't work.

I tried to add the path to the library path - didn't work.

does someone have any sort of a solution?

Thanks in advance, Adam Zehavi.

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You can have a look at this: How to capture video using JMF, but without installing JMF

It's probably doing what you need.

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I think this will do, Thanks. –  TacB0sS Apr 5 '11 at 14:17

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