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Let me preface this question by saying I use TextMate on Mac OSX for my text needs and I am in love with it. Anything comparable on the Linux platform? I'll mostly use it for coding python/ruby.

Doing a google search yielded outdated answers.

Edit: Since there has been some concern about the 'merit' of this question. I am about to start a new Ruby Programming Project in Linux and before I got started I wanted to make sure I had the right tools to do the job.

Edit #2: I use VIM on a daily basis -- all . the . time. I enjoy using it. I was just looking for some alternatives.

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TextMate is a great editor, and there is a way to replicate some of the functionality in GEdit. Check the article out here: http://rubymm.blogspot.com/2007/08/make-gedit-behave-roughly-like-textmate.html to modify GEdit to behave like TextMate.

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Vim is a nice upgrade for Vi, offering decent features and a more usable set of keybindings and default behaviour. However, graphical versions like GVim, KVim and even Cream are extremely lacking in my opinion. I've been using Geany a lot lately, but it also has its shortcomings.

I just can't find something in the league of Programmers Notepad, Smultron or TextMate on Linux. A shame, since I want to live in an all open source cyberworld, I'm stuck hopping from one almost-right editor to another.

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I personally use MacVim which is basically a GVim for Mac OSx. However I have been reading alot about Redcar, which is a text editor for Linux, which shares a lot of the Textmate functionality. Checkout the links below.

LURG Lecture on Redcar

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You could give bluefish a try. Has a bunch of nice features for website work. Syntax files for most every language.


If on windows give Crimson Editor a try http://www.crimsoneditor.com/ It's been a long while since I ran windows, but iirc, 'official' development has stopped on it, but the community has taken up a fork of it and called it emerald or somesuch. Crimson editor is still very capable as is.

Both bluefish and crimson editor have project management abilities. FTP ablilities, macros etc etc

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I just thought I would recommend Ninja IDE, open source and all.. I use it for all my Python development now days when I got a GUI to work with and looks the same when I am on my Windows and Linux machines.

Ninja IDE

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for multiple tab text editor "medit" is the best . its like notepad++ in windows . for stylish and good looking "schite Text editor " is best .

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