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{if $loggedin}

{include file="allhead.html"}


{include file="allhead1.html"}


How do I include the code contained into an HTML file in a smarty .tpl file? I've tried different solutions on various forums, but none work.

You mean I have to create a PHP file with this:

$smarty->assign('allhead', '/public_html/billing/templates/allhead.html');
$smarty->assign('allhead1', '/public_html/billing/templates/allhead1.html');

Then add into the Smarty .tpl file this:

{if $loggedin}

{include file="$allhead"}


{include file="$allhead1"}


But how will the smarty template know it got to check the $ vars from the PHP file?

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your include calls shouldn't be wrapped in literal tags... –  Jack May 27 '10 at 16:16

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$smarty->assign('allhead1', 'FULL_PATH_T0_FILE');  

In Smarty Template:

<!-- don't put literal tags around include -->
{include file="$allhead1"}  
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