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I am using a forever frame (COMET streaming technique) and in IE6 whenever a user clicks on a link (to even just basic JavaScript method) the connection is immediately dropped and has to be manually refreshed.

Has anyone come across a similar issue and / or know how to address it?

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How to address it: return false from your event handlers (event.preventDefault for listeners etc) so that the link is not followed and so no navigation occurs on a simple left-click. Put all your logic in event handlers attached from script (and not javascript: URL, which are a horrible fragile hack that should never be used).

Further: if it's just a button that does some scripting when clicked, and doesn't actually point to anywhere usefully navigable, it shouldn't be marked up as a link. Ideally it should be a button (input or button with type="button"), which you can then use CSS to style like a link rather than a button if you prefer.

(Another approach, that requires less styling work but has accessibility drawbacks, is to do what SO does and just put an onclick event on a <span> or <div>.)

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