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I have a python project that calls a c++ wrapper dll that calls a c# com interop dll. In my computer, with all frameworks and programs installed, my project runs very well.

But in a computer that just got formatted it doesn't. I allready installed c++ 2008 redistribute and the c++ part is working but when I call a function from it (that will call the c# correspondent one), it gives an error.

I want to know what are the dll dependencies from both c++ and c# dll's to see what is missing :)

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Look into a Thinstaller from VMWare. – Hamish Grubijan May 24 '10 at 16:48
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Looks like you need Dependency Walker.

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Dependency Walker (a.k.a. depends.exe) works for both native DLLs and managed DLLs.

It is included in some Visual Studio versions, and can also be downloaded here.

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