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How can I add a link to my td tag from a table? onClick doesn't work. I could use a good example.

My td tag:

$world .= ('<td background="images/world/Heli.jpg" border="1"></td>');

A link:

<a href="?site=world&action=showvillage&id=' . getVillageID(($xm2), ($ym2)) . '"></a>


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what are you asking here? I can't make sense of your question... – Robert May 24 '10 at 20:22
I suspect you need to drop a <a name="someid"></a> inside your table element so you can link to it in another <a href=#someid"> tag, but your question needs to be a lot clearer... – MZB May 24 '10 at 20:29

If you want the link to behave such that the entire (cell) is clickable and navigates to the link, you could wrap it in an (anchor) tag like this:

<a href="?site=world&action=showvillage&id=' . getVillageID(($xm2), ($ym2)) . '">
    <td background="images/world/Heli.jpg" border="1">&nbsp;</td>

I don't know how your $world variable is being used, so you'll have to arrive at the above formatting on your own.

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