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This is how one can set them up:


My problem is that I have got too many of them set up, and I now need a separate sub-menu or two to keep them organized. I could not figure out how to do that.

Feel free to ask if something is not clear.

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There is the slow and manual way:

  1. Select Tools -> Customize
  2. Select the Commands tab from the dialog
  3. Select "Tools" from the dropdown as the menu bar to rearrange
  4. Click "Add New Menu"
  5. Highlight the newly added menu in the sample below (called "New Menu") and click "Modify Selection" to rename the newly created menu item if you want to
  6. Select "Tools | [your new menu]" from the dropdown as the menu bar to rearrange
  7. Click "add command"
  8. Select "Tools" from the categories on the left
  9. External tools commands are listed as commands named "External Command x" in the commands list box ("External Command 1" until "External Command 24" I think)
  10. Select the first, Click OK
  11. Repeat from 7 until all added.

Tedious, but it will work.

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You can do this through tools->customize. From here you'll select the commands tab then the rearange commands... button. In this area you can select the tools menu and organize your external tools by adding sub directories and such.

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