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The new bulkloader added into SDK 1.3.4 works great for models that have a schema. For models inheriting db.Expando (or loosely defined schemas) i would like to understand what i would have to do to bulk upload them.

I defined a custom connector, that implemented the ConnectorInterface and converted my data to the python dict required. How can i use this dict to define entities that get uploaded to the data store ?

In the documentation there seems to be a post_import_function that can be used to return the entities that get uploaded. Is there an example on how this function is used ?

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- kind: foo
  connector: fooconnector
  post_import_function: post_transform.post_import_fn


def post_import_fn(input_dict, entity_instance, bulkload_state):

is the function that is used for post_import. Hope this is useful for someone else.

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