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Where to start to learn Android?

i am a beginner with Android. I want to learn more about this new revolution.

Kindly help me with links that will help me learn creating applications for Android.

Please share if you have some simple source-code sites with you. Also show me a forum having high activity with Android users...

thank you !

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See this list i made in another question


There are the most important online references, tutorials, bulletin boards and books

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This question is irrelevant. You can find everything you're looking for to get started on your own with a little bit of time. I suggest you do your part first, and when you have specific questions that you can't find answer for, to come back here and post them.



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Kindly be a little humble because not everyone knows everything! take care. –  Shrewdroid May 31 '10 at 6:49

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