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I have an .xib file connected to a ViewController, which is init'ed as the root controller of an instance of UINavigationController in my appDelegate.

In that view, I have a UISearchBar and a UITableView below it.

When the view loads up, there's a navigationBar at the top, followed by a ~20 pixel gap, and then the UISearchBar, and the table beneath it:

My problem is that when I enter the UISearchBar to type something, the navigation bar disappears (which is fine), but the search box is all screwy:

I'm pretty new to this (a couple of weeks), so I'm not quite sure what's going on. Can anyone help me shed some light on this?

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Did you pull the search bar into the parent view or into the table view? The search bar should be the header view for the table, and not as a standalone view. If you want it to be standalone anyway, make sure your autoresizing flags are correct (under cmd-3 (size) in the inspector in Interface Builder); the search bar should stick to the top and not be flexible in height.

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I had it pulled into the parent view apparently -- no idea you were supposed to put it into the table view. But the problem is still happening. :( –  Calvin L May 26 '10 at 0:52
What if you want the search bar to be a standalone view? –  Morkrom Oct 19 '13 at 4:15

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