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I have two sites running under one Sitecore 6 installation. The home nodes of the sites are as such:


Assuming the primary site is at domain.com, the careers site can be accessed at careers.domain.com.

My problem is that, by prefixing the uri with /sitecore/content/, any sitecore item can be accessed by either (sub)domain. For example, I can get to:

http://domain.com/sitecore/content/careers.aspx (should be under careers.domain.com) http://careers.domain.com/sitecore/content/home/destinations.aspx (should be under domain.com).

I know I can redirect these urls (using IIS7 Redirects or ISAPIRewrite) but is there any way to 'lock' Sitecore down to only serve items under the configured home node for that domain?

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I can't say for sure without testing it but you could try putting each site it its own security domain and denying access to each other. In the <sites/> node there is a domain="extranet" attribute, create a new security domain and set the Careers site to use it.

You can create new security domains using the domain manager in the Sitecore desktop.

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