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I installed Python2.6 and Google App Engine (GAE).

I realized that GAE does not run on 2.6, so I installed 2.5 as well.

Now I have a very basic code as follows and it does not show on the localhost:8080

I typed the following in cmd.exe under my dir testapps.

c:\Users\myname\testapps>"\Program Files\Google\google_appengine\" helloworld

I am hoping someone lead me to the right direction.


print 'Content-Type: text/plain'
print ''
print 'Hello, world!'


application: helloworld
version: 1
runtime: python
api_version: 1

- url: /.*
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Are you getting an error message when you try to run dev_appserver? Can you connect to localhost:8080, and if so, is there a 404 or 500 error message? – Wooble May 25 '10 at 13:32

I would suggest that you take a look at the guestbook sample program that is included with the SDK. It is located in the demos directory, and I think that looking at the structure of will go a long way towards helping you get a working app.

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