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I wrote a simple Qt application (Windows+Mac) that uses QtWebKit to render a web site inside a window. But I already saw differences in layout and behavior between our app and Chrome (that uses WebKit as well), e.g.: - different fonts are displayed for the same web page - an html anchor link with "javascript:someFunction()" is not working

Is there somewhere a summary list of all such differences (not the entire QtWebKit bug list)? Also: is there a way to use a WebKit version more similar to Chrome in my application?

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Differences may come out of different painting system. About javascript... Just asking, but did you enable JavaScript support in your webkit app? I'm not sure if its enabled by default

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Chrome uses it's own JavaScript engine, V8, which was a lot faster for some time. However, WebKit have also implemented a very fast engine called SquirrelFish (and the JIT'ed Extreme variant). Which one is faster is debatable - I recalled WebKit's being faster, but the difference is the order of miliseconds and it depends on a lot of factors - in short, they're both just as fast.

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WebKit requires the drawing functions to be provided by the platform. Chrome uses a different graphics/drawing library: skia and QtWebKit uses Qt as a the drawing engine.they're

Both skia and qt provide their own widgets which are used in drawing.

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You can load the site on your Qt WebView.


*If you are using the sample HTML project from Qt Quick.

This page will give you a score for the browser and detailed list of supported features. You can also compare with other browsers, which is very useful.

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